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Driving is a necessity in congested cities. Lack of driving skills can put many lives at risk daily. If you want to become a driving expert within a few weeks, you can select our driving school in Meadow Heights.

We are training the people of Meadow Heights in driving for 10 years. Roxy Driving School is one of the best schools in the city. Apart from that, our smart driving team helps every student to learn driving with special techniques.

Perks of Taking Our Driving Lessons

Male and Female Driving Instructors

Roxy Driving School picks the best and experienced driving instructors for giving driving lessons. The driving instructors of our school have a license and all other necessary driving papers. Besides that, they know several languages and handle every student skillfully. Their good behavior and politeness make driving an enjoyable experience.

High Pass Rate

One of the major benefits of joining Roxy Driving School is the good pass rate. Every year, more than 97% of students pass from our driving school. Apart from that, our skilled driving team provides helpful tips to make the best drivers in the city.

Speedy Driver’s License

Taking driving lessons from our driving instructor in Meadow Heights simplifies your license process. You will pass the driving test at the first attempt after joining our driving school.

Weekly Tests

Practical tests play an important role in making driving better each day. Roxy Driving School conducts tests every week and month for the students. Further, these road tests train the students to drive fearlessly on any kind of road.

Latest Car Models

We try our best to make your driving time more amazing. Roxy Driving School maintains a wide range of cars for the students. You can select either an automatic or manual car depending on your skills. Further, our cars have dual brakes and clutches for the safety of new students. We also repair and replace the parts of our cars regularly.

Driving Lessons in Meadow Heights

Book Driving Instructor in Meadow Heights

You can book our driving lessons in Meadow Heights by phone call, SMS, email or WhatsApp message. You can also scroll through our website and book directly.

Our Students