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Leading Local Driving School in Campbellfield

Many people think that only beginners need to join a driving school. But even the experienced drivers need to take advanced training from the driving school. Whether you are a beginner or professional driver, Roxy Driving School in Campbellfield gives the best driving lessons to everyone.

Roxy Driving School is one of the most leading schools for 10 years and more. Apart from that, we have trained many students in the area of driving with our high-quality driving lessons.

Well-Trained Driving Instructors in Campbellfield

We hire reliable and licensed driving instructors to train the students in the driving school. Roxy Driving School instructor in Campbellfield has accreditation and other necessary driving papers. They are also polite and know many languages to explain the driving techniques easily.

Excellent Driving Lessons in Campbellfield

Roxy Driving School does not only teach to move the steering wheel but also teaches to drive safely. We select the experts of driving that teach you road rules, traffic regulations, parking rules and a lot more. Moreover, we teach how to use road signs to get protection from reckless drivers on the roads.

Benefits of Taking Our Driving Lessons

  • Our driving instructors undergo regular training to learn new driving rules.
  • We offer different driving packages to suit your needs and budget.
  • Our cars are maintained in the proper conditions to increase the safety of all the students.
  • You can pick any schedule that suits your needs.
  • We convert international license into national one to enjoy driving in any city.

Other Programs

We at Roxy Driving School conduct many programs and events to educate the students in the driving field. In these programs, we teach how to use various car functions on different types of roads. Furthermore, we teach you how to avoid accidents on any type of road.

Contact Us

If you want the top-notch driving lessons in Campbellfield, you can contact us easily. You can call us on 0432 849 885 or send an email at or visit our official site for any further enquiries. You will easily know more about our driving packages on our website.  


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