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Driving School Broadmeadows

Improve Your Driving by Attending Driving Lessons in Broadmeadows

Risks on the roads are increasing daily because of reckless driving. Many drivers neither have a valid license nor experience. You can now become a responsible driver after attending Roxy Driving School in Broadmeadows. Our driving school has been training the students in the city for 8 to 9 years.

Further, the skilled driving team of our school helps the students to grasp driving techniques quickly. We also train all the students in other driving techniques.

How Does Roxy Driving School Help You?

Driving Packages as Per Your Needs

Roxy Driving School offers various driving courses. Some students choose only the basic course while some others choose the advanced driving courses. Further, we look at the needs of every student and suggest the best package.

Whether you are a new or experienced driver, you can get the course as per your choice. We tailor to your needs and fulfill your demands.

Competent Team

We at Roxy Driving School have professional driving instructors. They know all the test routes in the city. Apart from that, they conduct road tests every week and month to improve your skills. Furthermore, they will make you a more responsible and skilled driver.

Overseas License Conversion

Roxy Driving School helps you to get your license within a few weeks. Apart from that, we also convert your international license. You can now enjoy driving your cars in any city with the help of our license conversion process.

Safety Rules

Our driving instructor in Broadmeadows teaches you all the safety laws and regulations. We train every student to drive safely on every type of road by taking tests on all test routes of the city.

Advantages of Roxy Driving School Instructor in Broadmeadows

  • We update you on the latest traffic rules and regulations.
  • Roxy Driving School offers flexible schedules for the students and employees.
  • You can get a 1-hour free lecture by attending Roxy Driving School.


Limited Entries

Call on our toll-free numbers to book professional driving lessons in Broadmeadows. You can also save money by booking our advanced driving courses online or by Whatsapp message.

Our Students